Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair: Do It Yourself

water heater repairFinding water heater in broken condition will surely mess up your day, especially when the days go cold all the time. Some of you may be eager to call for professionals to fix everything. But, do you know? There are things about water heater repair that you can do your own; without spending more cash for professional.

Various types of damage in water heater are ready to challenge you. It is true that you cannot fix all kinds of water heater damage; but for small break like these followings, you can save your money and do the repair by yourself.

No Sufficient Heat

This is one of the most common damage many people complain about. They need to wait too long before they can take the hot water. For this case, there are some reasons which may stay behind it; such as the damaged parts, too small tank for accommodating their needs, or bad installation. What you can do first is checking the pilot light; whether it performs its tasks appropriately or not. If it does not; then you should relight it.

When it does not work, you have to check the other causes like the element. Sometimes, the water cannot be heated quickly because of the old element or the small tank. If so, you will need to replace the old with the new element; or replace the tank with the bigger one.

No Heat at All

This damage will need similar treatment as you do with the hard to heat case. Check the pilot light and electricity supply are two main steps you can do initially. If these are not effective to return back the heat, you may need another complicated repair; such as the replacement of heating elements and thermostat. Up to this point, it can be hardly done on your own; except for those with remarkable skill in such field. Therefore, it may be better to call for the help of professionals.


Once people hear noises on their heater, they may think of holding water heater repair. In fact, strange noise can be the sign of damaged heater. Usually, this sound comes from the rusty or the dirty parts of the water heater. This will not only cause disturbing noise, but it can also affect the work of the heater. Cleaning all parts thoroughly can be the best solution you can do by yourself.


Another common problem which you can carry out water heater repair is leaking. The most injurious cause of this case if the tank damage; which can be the result of rust. Notice whether any hole appears on your water heater. Check the location because it will determine whether you need to replace something or just repairing the leaked part. For example, if you find the hole on the bottom part of your tank; it means that replacement should be carried out.

Whatever damage case you might find on your water heater; it is highly recommended that you are not in a hurry to call professional for water heater repair. As long as you can repair that broken heater, why don’t you do it by yourself?

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